More Knitting Tattoos

Russian Doll

It’s time for another installment of knitting based tattoos (check out the previous knitting tattoos pic post). Who would’ve thought so many knit nuts would also be crazy about expressing their passion in a much more permanent way. Below I’ve included several tattoos that really do work well (for the main part) and might be something you yourself want to go for if you decide to move on from knitting patterns and onto ink! I don’t have any myself (yet!), but who knows, maybe one day I’ll throw caution to the wind and go for it..


This black ink ball of wool isn’t the most brazen or colorful tattoo. It’s quite discreet but at the same time in clear in purpose and meaning. A nice simple expression!





The above two cross stitch themes tattoos really are something else. I’d never actually seen any like this until they came up in my search. An awesome idea, well executed.




A touch of humor combined with a lot of color, makes this pretty wool ball tattoo one that really does look the part.


Much in the same way that I can’t say I’m keen on ‘LOVE’ and ‘HATE’ written across knuckles, though I’m a fan crafts, getting ‘Knit Purl’ across my knuckles for the rest of my life doesn’t appeal.

Russian Doll

Possibly my favorite of the much, knitting needles and wool within a cute looking Russian doll. It’s certainly unique and / or unusual in some ways. I think I’d have gone for a smaller version, on my shoulder perhaps but it’s still cool!