Knitting Tattoos (Part 3)

studio ghibli no face tattoo

I’ve been on something of a knitting tattoo frenzy of late, as you can tell from the previous two tattoo knit posts here (and here). This is part three of five and highlights another set of fun and fabulous knitting tats.  Five to be exact. Let’s get started!

studio ghibli no face tattoo

Anyone into Japanese Studio Ghibli tattoos will recognise ‘No Face’ aka Kaonash. He’s depicted here in this colorful tattoo, knitting as it happens! It’s unusual and to me really appealing and different. I like it!

heart knit tattooAnother thoughtful tattoo, where a heart depicted as thread, below two knitting needles. It’s quite a big tattoo, but certainly well done in my view.


knitting nerd tattooThere’s no shame in being a bit nerdy, wear it with pride! I suspect a great many of you reading this fall under the category of knitting nerds! It’s cute and straightforward. A fun little tattoo.


cat russian doll tattooAnother Russian Doll style tattoo (we featured one in our previous tattoo knit post, with a similar ball of wool design) but this time the doll is a cat and looks super cute. It’s a really vibrant one this!


cute cat knit tattooThere’s something to be said for ‘keeping it simple’, especially if you’re new to tattoos and are a bit tentative about getting something large and elaborate. This ‘knit’ tattoo would’ve been quite quick to get done and hence less pain in the process! It’s pretty sweet.



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