Sheep Knitting Pattern Photos

Knitted Sheep Patterns

February 24, 2015 GC 0

Knit animal patterns always come useful for making customized stuffed toys for your kids or other young members of your family. From dogs to elephants, […]

Free Bunny Rabbit Pattern

Free Animal Knitting Patterns

February 10, 2015 GC 0

I’ve searched high and low for the the best animal knitting patterns. Not only that but those in this particular collection are all free, so […]

Sheep Animal Patterns

Knit Animal Patterns

February 10, 2015 GC 0

Once in a while it’s nice to switch from garment knitting patterns to something that’s simply fun and nice to look at and knit – […]

Photos of Pocket Monkey Toy Knitting Pattern

Knitted Animal Patterns

August 12, 2014 GC 0

What can be better than being able to knit a cute animal soft toy yourself for your little bundle of joy? And it gets even […]

Fox Knitted Scarf Patterns Photos

Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern

August 8, 2014 GC 1

Gone are the days when wearing a fur coat was considered stylish; nowadays people have realized how inhumane it is to consider wearing an animal […]

Panda Hat Knitting Pattern Images

Knitted Panda Hat Patterns

March 24, 2014 GC 0

Panda hats are one of the most popular varieties of animal hat patterns. Although black and white in color, these hats look adorable on little […]

Baby Black Cat Knitting Hat Pattern Images

Knitted Cat Hat Patterns

March 24, 2014 GC 0

Knitting a cute cat hat is not a difficult job with countless patterns available to make your task easy. These hats can make amazing gift […]

Free Hooded Owl Hat with Earflaps Knitting Pattern Photos

Knit Owl Hat Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 1

Owl hats look adorable on little kids and they are also pretty easy to make. There are countless varieties of patterns to choose from with […]

Baby Panda Beanie Knitting Pattern Picture

Animal Knit Hats Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 0

Animal shaped hats are very popular among kids while they can also be worn by adults on occasions like fancy dresses and theme parties. Bunny, […]