Free Animal Knitting Patterns

Free Bunny Rabbit Pattern

I’ve searched high and low for the the best animal knitting patterns. Not only that but those in this particular collection are all free, so you can knit them all without parting with a penny. Whether or not you’ve knitted animals before, following each pattern step by step will have you making progress in no time at all. This latest collection features turtle, rabbit, cat, croc, lamb, hen and owl patterns, so if you get to work right now, you’ll have knitted yourself an animal farm before long!


Knit Animals - Tiny Rabbits

Tiny Rabbit Knitting Pattern

Bunny Rabbit Knit Pattern

Bunny Rabbit Knitting Pattern

Knitted Cat Pattern

Cat Animal Pattern

Gator Animal Knit

Free Croc Pattern


Free Lamb Knitting Pattern

Knit Hens

Hen Pattern

Knit Owl

Free Owl Pattern

Of all of the above patterns, the cute bunny rabbit pattern has to be my personal fav, with the knitted cat a close second. Use the navigation menu at the top of the site for other animal themed patterns.