Knitted Sheep Patterns

Sheep Knitting Pattern Photos

Knit animal patterns always come useful for making customized stuffed toys for your kids or other young members of your family. From dogs to elephants, all make excellent toys, contributing to your own handmade zoo for your little ones. Here are some attractive sheep patterns with each one offering a unique soft and cuddly sheep your kids are sure to adore.

Knitted Sheep Pattern Pictures

Knitted Sheep Pattern

Sheep Toy Knitting Pattern Images

Sheep Toy Knitting Pattern

Sheep Knitting Pattern Photos

Sheep Knitting Pattern

 Pictures of Free Sheep Knit Patterns

Sheep Knit Patterns

You can work the eyes, nose and mouth of your sheep with little pieces of yarn or you can go for the plastic doll eyes available at art supply stores. The black and white patterns are great for those just starting to try their hand at knit amigurumi and soft toys.