Knitting Tattoos

knitting needle funny tattoo

Some people don’t just draw the line at looking for the latest knitting patterns and making hats, blankets scarves and the like. No, they decide to make a lifelong declaration of their love of knitting by going to the trouble of getting a knit style tattoo. I’d be tempted to get one myself but I never really know exactly what to go for. Below are some of my favorite examples of tattoos that highlight this passion. Soe of them are bold and colorful, others more understated. Check the out:

bird knit tattooBird Knit Tattoo – I love the colors on this one and the tiny ball of wool. A neat idea.


knitted heart tattooKnitted heart tattoo design – A heart shaped wool ball with knitting needles placed through it. A great and detailed design.


cat knit tattooCat with ball of wool – My old cat used to love playing with a ball of wool. This simple yet effective tattoo highlights a love of animals and knitting.


knitting needle funny tattooAnother simple yet effective tattoo. Again with wool and knitting needles, only this time one of them isn’t best pleased!

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