Herringbone Neck Warmer Knitting Pattern Photos

Herringbone Knitting Patterns

March 18, 2015 GC 0

One of the most unique stitch patterns, the sideways stitches created by the herringbone technique makes it suitable for stylish woolen accessories like scarves and […]

Seed Stitch Hat Knitting Pattern Photos

Seed Stitch Knitting Patterns

March 10, 2015 GC 0

One of the simplest knitting stitches, the seed stitch does not involve anything more than knitting and purling alternative stitches in one row and then […]

Boot Knitting Pattern Photos

Knit Boot Patterns

March 9, 2015 GC 0

If you thought hand knit booties are only for babies, then it is time to reconsider. Here are some cool patterns for making woolen boots […]

Pictures of Knitting Doily Pattern Instruction

Knit Doily Patterns

March 7, 2015 GC 1

The delicate attractive patterns and unmistakable vintage charm of lace doilies add to the décor of your kitchen or dining room. The countless gorgeous patterns […]

Images of Monarch Butterfly Knitting Pattern

Knitted Butterfly Patterns

February 4, 2015 GC 1

Knitted ornaments such as flowers, hearts and stars always come in handy to accessorize simple knit items such as headbands, mittens and woolen purses. Cute […]

Images of Knitting Coffee Cozy Pattern

Knit Coffee Cozy Patterns

October 30, 2014 GC 0

Knitters have an urge to knit up everything, a few of which might seem unnecessary to others. There is no harm in having your morning […]

Pictures of Round Knit Baby Booties Pattern

Knitting in the Round Patterns

October 29, 2014 GC 0

The knitting in the round technique involving the round needle allows you to knit up stylish clothes, fashion accessories and home décor items. It does […]

Pictures of iPhone Braid Cover Knitting Pattern

Knit iPhone Case Patterns

October 28, 2014 GC 0

Trendy cases for a cell phone have nowadays become a part of one’s outfit, reflecting their nature and character. So, it is no wonder that […]