Submit Knitting Patterns!


It’s not easy to maintain the site, and it takes a lot of work (and trial and error!) to keep everything running. Therefore, if you appreciate the site as a useful knitting pattern resource, or feel that you can improve it, then why not help out. It’s easy, simply email us at if either:

1) You spot any ‘dead / not working links’ on the pattern pages. By this I mean links that do not link to either a free or paid knitting pattern page. So for instance if a link leads to an error page, or nowhere, then we’d love to hear about that so we can either fix the link or take it down.

2) You have or have seen a great knitting pattern that you think will fit in well with one of the pattern categories. Whether it’s a scarf, headband, blanket, hat, or cute animal themed pattern, if you have a pattern, either of your own, or found online that you’d like us to link to, then feel free to email it to us as a suggestion!

3) Last but not least, if you have an idea for a new category, and a few links to get it started, then mention that to us. Or if you feel that you can write a fun knitting themed blog post or two to liven up the blog. We’re open to suggestions. Do get in touch if you’re interested!