Rainbow Knit Pics

Following onĀ  from our spooking halloween knitting post, I felt like I needed to inject a bit of color into proceedings. Here we have a selection of rainbow knits, some are included due to being attractive knitted items, and a couple of them lead through to relevant knitting pattern pages. If you have future ideas for posts or wish to contribute, feel free to drop us an email (listed at the bottom of all site pages!)


2ccd13c8ef170f891d0ca662b2064911I want this!


rainbow-potato-chip-scarf-knitting-pattern-225x300The Rainbow scarf knitting pattern is here!


8ede554d006dbd21c3ec11ec73a4361cLovely colour scheme and the edging too


rainbow-dog-sweater-knitting-pattern-287x300The adorable multi colored knitting pattern for this little pooch outfit is here!


il_214x170-317745864I only have a boring black colored beanie hat. This one would certainly add a bit of color to my wardrobe