Linen Progress


The lace weight linen project, dyed with madder, which I started on the Eurostar, is growing steadily.


I went to a storytelling evening last week at The Broadway Bookshop at which my an old friend told not one, but two lovely stories AND played the accordion. I got in some good knitting time while sitting on the stairs being thoroughly entertained and sipping a glass of wine.


I wasn’t using wooden circular needles, so I was making an audible little clickety clack with my metal needles which I was a bit concerned about. No one seemed to mind and in fact a couple of people commented on how nice it was to see me doing it and how it added to the atmosphere. I even got to learn another version of a rhyme for teaching knitting from Barbara Leeney, one of the other two storytellers that evening. She learnt it as a child at Steiner School.

Into the forest goes the huntsman
Around the tree goes his little dog
In to the hole goes the rabbit
And off they go