Knitting Tattoos Update

cat tattoo

You’ll no doubt be saddened / relieved to know that this is the last in the current series of knitting related tattoo posts. To add a theme of sorts to this final look at knit tattoos, I’ve chosen to go with animal related knitting tattoos. Talk about niche! Anyway, less of me droning on, let’s get started!:


cat tattoo
We start with this minimalist approach to a tattoo of a cat playing with a ball of wool. The outline approach is so simple but it’s really effective in my view. I really like the look of this one!


ball of wool cat

Along the same lines,  here with have another cat with wool tat and although it’s low on deatil there is a cute and cuddly element to it.

angry cat

The cuddly aspect is certainly gone here though, with a rather evil  looking kitty protecting his prize possession.  Nice vibrant colors here, but I’m not sure about the placement rather.

knitting mouse

Enough with cats already, rodents apparently like to ‘get their knit on’ too. As long as they don’t get too distracted and fall foul of a cat attack!

bird knitting tattoo

Last but certainly not least, we have a bird knitting tattoo. This one is quite sweet really, with the soft coloring and it’s super cute how it’s knitting while holding the needles with its wings. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and the previous knit tattoo updates, if you’ve not checked out the previous posts start your knitting tattoos journey here!