Knitting Nanny Goes Jumper Crazy

A group of knitting nannies have taken their passion and put it to very good use, by knitting tiny jumpers for new born babies in South Africa. Clothing for babiees is not always as available as you might hope or think in the country and so any help is a big help!

The ladies meet monthly at a Methodist Church to create little jumpers and hats, putting their skills to good use. One of the eldest ladies in attendance is 85 year old Olive Lovelady (what an approproate name!) of Sutton Courtenay. She’s managed to knit over 1000 items (jumpers and hats mostly) after getting bored with sitting at home and instead turning her hand to helping others.

“It is nice to have the opportunity to be involved with something that helps these babies” said Lovelady

In total the group has knitted over 1500 garments which are then sent to South Africa by courier, and so it’s clear that Olive is the speed demon of the group. Keep up the good work, Olive!