Knitting Blog Update

knitting tshirt

I’ve been busy, busy, busy here of late but thanks for all of the messages to ‘a knitting blog’ over the past couple of months concerning how you’ve found knitting patterns that are just right for you! Feel free to send in pictures of your creations and I’ll include them in a future post :).

I’ll be removing/replacing a few pattern dead links that are present on the site over the coming few days, then beginning May we’ll start with a whole host of new patterns each and every week to keep you busy and some brand new categories too! If you have any knitting patterns that you’re interested in seeing here feel free to drop us an email (the email address is at in the footer at the bottom of every site page). Also, late but not least, if you enjoy the site and like the idea of compiling a few patterns for a new category, or anything else you see as a good fit for the site, feel free to get your suggestions to me and I might feature them on the site. Stay tuned!