Knitted Horse

Who says that knitting has to be boring. In this world of online gaming and technology it can sometimes be good to get back to basics. If I’ve learned one thing from posting over the years its that whatever your interest, your hobby, your fashion, there is a way you can express your love of it through knitting. We see that here with these ultra cute horse knits, that are just perfect as a talking point around the house or a gift for a friend. They offer the opportunity to combine a relaxing past-time (knitting), with a passion such as horses or horse racing in a fun way. As we all know horse racing has global appeal and so what better way to get into the good books of a racing fan than to gift them one of these cute creations. There are various patterns available online, many for free, for those interested in recreating the above. Do feel free to send in picture of horse knits that you yourself has made. Share the love!!