Knitted Breast Hats

Dear Meredith,

Paul Z. has had a baby! A son. It was nice to receive a specific request for what I could knit for him. A very useful item; practically, sartorially, politically and conversationally.verycrafty

There seems to be a little trend for baby boob hats going on right now. I am sure helped along by this excellent cartoon.

The hat in the photo Paul sent asking ‘could I make one of these?’ was a crocheted version. Once I had established he was happy with a knitted one, I set about on my research. There are quite a few of these breast hats out there for adults in knit (think hyper breast cancer awareness from One of the Buzz) and crochet (a great photographic tutorial from Fifty Two Acts, which I found via the ever inspiring Radical Cross Stitch), as well as for infants. There are free patterns to knit (from Little Lamby Knits, who also sells knitted up ones) and crochet (from The Oxford Family) and ones for sale (from Journeying Through The Heart), as well as a choice of actual (pre-hand-made by someone else) hats up for grabs, mainly on etsy.