Knit Pumpkin Patterns

Pictures of Pumpkin Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

Knowing a few simple pumpkin patterns can come handy when decorating your house for Halloween or planning a theme party. Most of these knitting patterns are simple enough to be ideal for beginner knitters while they provide ample scope for experts to explore and experiment with colors and textures. There are easy patterns for making cute little pumpkin hangings, while you can also go for a comparatively lengthy project to make a pumpkin beanie or an attractive, large Jack-o’-Lantern. The patterns most commonly involve the stockinette and garter stitches; however, you can always choose to try something more complex and unique, such as the seed stitch.

Pumpkin Knitting Pattern Pictures

Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

Knit Pumpkin Pattern Images

Knit Pumpkin Pattern

Free Pumpkin Beanie Knitting Pattern Photos

Pumpkin Beanie Knitting Pattern

Pictures of Pumpkin Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

Pumpkin Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

Images of Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Knitting Patten

Jack-o’-Lantern Knitting Patten