How to Knit a Scarf

knitting a scarf

knitting a scarfKnitting a scarf is not only an enjoyable pastime for those of us who are nuts about knitting but is also a useful way to make some extra cash, relieve stress or surprise a friend or family member with something new to wear. No matter what your reason behind knitting a scarf are, it will require the same materials and effort, hence our tutorial here to get you on the right path!

When gathering materials keep in mind the type of scarf (check out our scarf knitting patterns to get you started) and what kind of stitch you intend to use. For your yarn, a standard recommended 200 yards is what you should have to hand. That’s not to say that you’re going to knit a mile long scarf, but mistakes can and will happen so more the yarn the better, so you’re able to rectify any mistakes. In fact some patterns can use up to 800 yards or more! Also, either have different colors handy to mix things up, or be sure beforehand of exactly what color you want your scarf to be. A crochet hook would be handy at the end our your knitting to help give your scarf that professional look.

Next up, you will need to decide what type of knitting needle you are going to be using. The needle size will affect the size of your stitches. Large needles will give you a loose stitch and thinner smaller needles will give you a much tighter stitch. For first time knitters picking larger needles and bulky style thread is recommended. This will simplify the process while helping you learn the ropes of knitting (no pun intended). Being prepared is one the most important steps to making the perfect scarf.

Steps To Knitting The Perfect Scarf
Step One:
Gather your knitting materials and decide the size you want your scarf to be. If you have animals or small children around, remember to be careful with your needles and the like – we want a scarf not a visit to the local hospital! Also, if you take a break, be careful also, as to not to lose your spot. You could end up working on your scarf for hours, so make sure you are comfortable. Choose a well lit area, to keep you from straining your eyes.

Step Two:
Now pick your yarn up and start getting the needles ready to start your scarf by casting on 10 – 40 stitches on one needle. The number of stitches will depend on the size and style of scarf you will be making. It may well be that you are following a knitting pattern, so that will dictate how to proceed.  When choosing a pattern tor beginners, a smaller and not so wide scarf is recommended. 10 – 15 stitches with a large needle will make a scarf just big enough to keep you cosy and warm, but not so big that it takes an eternity to knit.

Step Three:
Knit for twelve full rows, remembering to never stop in the middle of the row. Twelve isn’t mandatory, yet keeping this rhythm  is highly recommended in order to keep a steady pace. Twelve rows are also standard if you wish to make a multicolored scarf. Take a short break and relax if your hands get tired, as it’s preferable to rushing. Once you’re a knitting pro you’ll of course have a better idea of how speedily you can knit.

Step Four:
Keep knitting the twelve-row intervals, stop and check the length of your work after every twelve rows until reaching your desired length, or again follow the rules of your particular pattern.

Step Five:
Once you think your scarf is finished cast off your stitches and remember to use a crochet hook to hide them. This will keep the loose stitches tight and you won’t have the knot. Knots look a little haphazard and detract from the look of the item. Just gently use the crochet hook to weave your final stitches back into the scarf. Simple!

Final Step:
Wrap your finished and brand new scarf around you and admire your handy work. Pat yourself on the back and realize you just knitted a scarf that looks great. If it’s a gift for a family member of friend, gift wrap it and look at the joy on their face a they unwrap it!