How to Knit a Headband

knitting a headband

knitting a headbandThis is a handy guide to creating the perfect fashion accessory. A knitted headband is an easy project for all levels of knitting skills and so something that everyone can get involved in. Headbands are great for making a fashion statement and really do look the part. You can check out some of our headscarf knitting patterns here.

Adequate preparation is the first and foremost step for any pattern you wish to knit. In that regard knitting a headband is no different that making a scarf or moving onto a more intricate sweater. The first thing you will need to do is select the appropriate materials. Then to measure the size of your head (or the had for whom this item is intended for) to plan the length of your headband. Around about 17 inches is a common general size, but this can of course vary. Pro Tip: Remember to subtract a couple of inches from the size to allow for the adjustment of stretching.

Knitting Your Own Headband

Step One

Choose your yarn. What color or colors you want will depend on your own personal preference and style, or that of the knitting pattern you are following. As you pick the color you will find that there are also many different types of yarn and that again is also a personal choice. A normal yarn or worsted is best suited for a headband. As for needles, a set number 10 works well. Next, get your knitting needles and you’re ready to go!

Step Two

It can be good practice if you are making your first headband a simple gauge. This can help determine the width of your band and is a perfect place to start. If you are a tighter knitter you will want to adjust the number of stitches to begin your headband pattern. Make the gauge 2.5 inches wide and count how many stitches you have. That will then be the number of stitches needed to get the width you want. A perfect headband can be either skinny or wide, it”s down to you.

Pull enough yarn from the skein to give you working room and cast on 10 stitches (or you can use the number that you determined with your gauge).

Step Three

Continue knitting your rows until you have reached the desired length of the headband. Remember to subtract a couple of inches for your stretchiness. Take your knitted item and make a quick test by placing it around your head, gauging whether it’s Tight enough to keep in place.

Step Four

Now to finish this part of the headband cast off your stitches to prevent unraveling. Next take the length together to form the band. Use a darning needle and yarn to sew these ends together creating the circle for your band.

Final Step

Place the headband on your head and admire your handiwork. A simple, easy, yet a fun and functional fashion accessory that can really complete a look.