How to Knit a Hat

knitted hat

knitted hatKnitted hats come in so many different shapes, sizes, styles, patterns, and colors. This is a tutorial to help you create your own hat, of your own style,  a custom look, and to allow you to share that vision with the whole world (if you dare leave the house in it)! Some of the most popular knit hat designs include the winter hat, top hat, headband, and beret. Of course, not all knit hats, as cosy as they sound, are solely for winter. You could easily enjoy a knit hat even in 100-degree weather. It all depends on the style you choose to make and what event or occasion you are making it for. On our knitted hat patterns page, we offer up a number of patterns for all kinds of hats. Some of them are super cute!

Making Your Creation

Step One
Picking the best yarn for your project, with a color and feel that matches your requirements. Bulky yarn will take roughly 125 yards to 200 yards per hat. While thinner yarn takes 150 yards to 300 yards. The ideal amount to have on hand before starting would be 400 yards, you always want to be prepared for any scenario in case you make a mistake, so the more the merrier (a Christmas hat perhaps!) so to speak. Pick your color and decide your style, prepare the needles and workspace. You will also need stitch markers (but safety pins will work just fine), scissors, crochet needle, and a measuring tape.

Step Two
Measure your head, or the head of the person the hat is designed for. This is crucial in order to to know how big your hat will need to be. Miss this step at your peril! The average hat size is 22 inches, so if you’re making a gift or selling the hat, this would be classed as your standard size.

Step Three
Knit a swatch and measure how many stitches it took. This will be the fastest and most efficient way for you to know exactly how big to make the hat. Knowing how many stitches it takes per inch can save you time and help make the process easy. Another hint is that you want your stitches to remain an even number, so later as the circle gets smaller you can easily divide it. Note: Never round up on your math, yarn stretches about one thousand times easier than shrinking!

Step Four
The knitting starts here, cast on the number of stitches you measured for the base of your hat. For beginners, you may want the circular knitting needles. These are needles connected with a small rubber cord which can make knitting in a circle very easy. Circular knitting needles will also save time by creating a roll-able brim automatically as you go. Now continue to knit while placing a stitch marker every 8 stitches. About 2 stitches before each marker you will want to decrease. (Decrease is simply a fancy term that means to stitch two stitches together.)

Step Five
Finishing the hat is easy. Cut your yarn when you have just 4 stitches left on your needle. Take a crochet hook and pull the loose yarn through the leftover stitches on the top of your hat. Cut the remaining thread down to just a few inches and now use your crochet needle to weave the remaining ends into the hat, giving your hat a professional finished look.

Final Step
The perfect hat is one designed to fit your head (i hope you followed the instructions!), the perfect hat is a one of a kind hat. Wear your creation with pride and show the world just how talented you are :). Now go to the hat patterns page and get started on those!