How to Knit a Blanket

knitting a blanket

knitting a blanketWhen making the decision to knit an item such as a blanket, plenty of time and consideration is likely to enter into the equation. However, no matter your level of knitting ability a blanket can be the perfect way, and a good choice, to improve your knitting skill level. For beginner knitters, a small throw or baby blanket would be a great starting point for instance and for more advanced knitting, you always take on some more difficult patterns for instance, and there are a great number of blanket patterns out there to get started on.

When you decide you’re ready to start knitting your blanket you should consider patterns, materials to be used, and style. This tutorial will help guide you through the stages of that process, but of course deciding on the color and pattern will be up to you.

Starting The Blanket

Step One
Gather your materials together, find that perfect working space, and pick your design. These are all important when it comes to start knitting any blanket as well as any knitting project for that matter. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ nor was a blanket knitted in one, so it’s paramount to have the right environment to work in.  Just like most knitting projects the size of your needles will make a difference to the size of your stitches, keep this in mind while you gather your materials together!

Small blankets will require roughly 130 yards of yarn, but you should always have 200 yards of yarn handy to start your blanket. It’s the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach.

Step Two
Calculate the size of your desired blanket, if for whatever reason the correct sizing is crucial try using the sizing gauge found on the yarn then multiply your gauge by the width. (Example: Small Blanket, 10 inches in width, with the gauge of 5 stitches per inch. 5 stitchs per inch x 10 inches in width = Cast on 50 sts.)

Different Types Of Blanket Sizes

Width (inches) Length (inches)

Tiny Doll Blanket – 10 inches wide / 12 inches in length
Barbie Style Blanket – 14 inches wide / 18 inches in length
Large Doll Blanket – 24 inches wide / 24 inches in length
Baby Blanket – 30 inches wide / 40 inches in length
Small Throw Blanket/Wrap – 24 inches wide / 48 inches in length
Medium Throw Blanket – 30 inches wide / 50 inches in length
Large Blanket – 50 inches wide / 60 inches in length
Twin Size Bed Blanket – 68 inches wide / 86 inches in length

Step Three
Start by gathering your Cast onto your needle (a similar knitting style to that of a scarf). Remember that knitting your blanket in sections can be easier for first-time knitters or those simply wanting an easy way to knit the perfect blanket. Knitting small squares then sewing them together also can give you a unique look and is a fun way to use leftover yarn. Another route would be to knit multiple scarf type sections, at the full length you want your blanket. Then you could knit those sections together. It’s just a different way to go about it, and it’s good to mix things up!
Remember a crochet hook can be used to weave your final stitches back into themselves, giving your work a more professional look and feel.

Step Four
Remember to take breaks, you don’t want to tire yourself out or get annoyed with your blanket. Some people can knit all day long and find it therapeutic, but for others it can become tiring or they can make more mistakes. Many people start projects they never finish because of that simple fact, so it is important to pace yourself, especialy if you’re not exactly a pro!

Final Step
Enjoy your hard work, admire the blanket and quality of your knitting. Wrap yourself up in your blanket after a hard day and take a snooze!