Home, Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is, and with that in mind there can surely be nothing sweeter than a gingerbread house!

With the cuteness of candy canes over the doors, and a xmas tree to celebrate the fast approaching season of good will, who could hope for a cuter knitted candy house. And if this is something that you think would catch the eye of your loved ones why not steal a march and start knitting it today, with this free Gingerbread House Knitting Pattern.

If you tend to think on a bigger scale though, why not ‘go large’ like this ‘one that someone at the London Architectural Biennale did around 14 years ago, by knitting an entire house! No more staying at Four Pillars hotels or resorts, when you can instead yarn it up with a night in your own novel knitted haven. You’ll perhaps be pleased to know that I’m not going to offer a knitting pattern for this one. I’m not sure any of us have THAT much time on our hands!