Gamers Gone Wild

Gaming is such a massive area nowadays, drawing in fans for its various consoles and formats. PS4, XBox, PC, Steam, now cloud gaming, and VR! The options are endless and technology fast moving. The world is now a far cry from the reality of old where to see the very best games we’d have to wonder down to the local arcade. The bright lights of those gaming environments are much like casinos, and elevates the senses. That’s not to dismiss early video games though, as some of the most iconic games characters ever have emerged from that period (Pacman for one!).

What better tribute to the wonderful and wide ranging characters that video games bring us, than to take a look at various knitted versions from around the internet. Many of these would take pride of space in any home and have clearly been projects of passion. From Pacman, to Nintendo’s Link and Megaman, the childhood memories will come flooding back to you when you see these cute creations. If you’ve knitted any game characters of your own feel free to send them in and share them with our readers!