Knitted Poncho Pattern Image

Poncho Knitting Patterns

April 30, 2014 GC 0

Poncho, the triangular light woolen accessory, can make an ideal knitting project for a beginner knitter as it does not require much knitting skills apart […]

Images of Skinny Fit Mitten Knitting Pattern

Mitten Knitting Patterns

March 31, 2014 GC 0

Hand knit mittens are pretty, cozy and unique as they allow you to use any color combination, any type of yarn and any knitting pattern […]

Pictures of Flower Slipper Knitting Pattern

Knitted Slipper Patterns

March 31, 2014 GC 2

Knitting is an amazing and constructive way of spending your leisurely hours while making whatever you want to. Be it a sweater, a stylish cowl, […]

Photos of Chevron Knit Mitten Pattern

Chevron Knitting Pattern

March 31, 2014 GC 0

The rippled designs produced by chevron knitting are great for Afghans, baby blankets, scarves and knitted cushion covers. The chevron patterns look good on sweaters, […]

Chunky Finger Knit Necklace Pattern Picture

Finger Knitting Patterns

March 29, 2014 GC 0

Finger knitting is an amazing way to knit casual accessories like a scarf or a headband. You can even make stylish hats, Afghans, cushion covers […]

Double Knit Pattern Image

Double Knitting Patterns

March 29, 2014 GC 0

The double knitting technique is very useful for making knitted articles where both sides remain open to see, such as dishcloth, scarves, Afghans and table […]

Diamond Ear Warmer Knitting Pattern Picture

Knit Ear Warmer Pattern

March 29, 2014 GC 0

Ear warmers are great for providing that extra warmth you need on those chilly winter days. The best thing about ear warmers is that you […]

Multicolored Flower Knitting Pattern Instruction Photo

Knit Flower Pattern

March 28, 2014 GC 0

Handmade flowers are great for adorning knit or crocheted sweaters, scarves, hats, headbands as well as other garments and accessories. Crocheted flowers are commonly used […]

Photos of Bulky Sock Knitting Pattern

Sock Knitting Pattern

March 28, 2014 GC 0

Making an attractive pair of socks is a great idea for holiday knitting as it does not take much time to finish and makes amazing […]

Soft Aran Prayer Shawl Knitting Pattern Picture

Prayer Shawl Knit Pattern

March 26, 2014 GC 0

The main object while knitting a prayer shawl is to convey your compassion and sympathies to the less fortunate. Each stitch in a prayer shawl […]