Pictures of Free Christmas Tree Knitting Pattern

Knitted Christmas Tree Patterns

October 30, 2014 GC 0

When it comes to Christmas tree knitting patterns, there are countless varieties available for making all sorts of clothes, accessories and ornaments. Depending on your […]

Pictures of Pumpkin Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

Knit Pumpkin Patterns

October 29, 2014 GC 0

Knowing a few simple pumpkin patterns can come handy when decorating your house for Halloween or planning a theme party. Most of these knitting patterns […]

Pictures of Skull with Reb Bow Knitting Pattern

Skull Knitting Patterns

October 29, 2014 GC 0

Gothic designs like skeletons and zombies are often sought for making clothes and accessories suitable for themed parties and festive occasions like Halloween. Skull patterns […]

Pictures of Shamrock Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Shamrock Knitting Pattern

August 18, 2014 GC 0

Shamrock, the three leaf clover, associated with Saint Patrick’s Day has inspired countless knitting patterns for making costumes, accessories and ornaments for the holiday and […]

Pictures of Halloween Pumpkin Bowl Knitting Pattern

Halloween Knitting Patterns

August 8, 2014 GC 0

The best thing about any festival or special occasion is the period of preparation, as it elongates the festive mood, adding to the enjoyment. Hand […]

Pumpkin Knitted Hat Pattern Tutorial Images

Knitted Pumpkin Hat Pattern

March 19, 2014 GC 0

One of the main joys of home knitting is being able to make outfits and accessories suitable for all the special days and occasions. Pumpkin […]