Double Knitting Batman Hat Pattern Images

Batman Knit Hat Patterns

March 24, 2014 GC 1

Superhero accessories are a huge hit with small kids, especially boys. Batman hats are one such idea that can be made at home with a […]

Ear Flap Mohawk Hat Knitting Pattern Images

Mohawk Knit Hat Patterns

March 24, 2014 GC 0

Who does not know about the iconic Mohawk hairstyles flaunted by sports celebs, rock stars as well as young boys and girls? But, what some […]

Hat with Garter Stitch Flower Knitting Pattern Photos

Knit Hat with Flower Patterns

March 20, 2014 GC 1

Hand knit hats accessorized with knit or crocheted flowers look amazing on little girls while they are also popular among older women. The cute designer […]

Free Viking Hat Knitting Pattern Images

Viking Knit Hat Patterns

March 20, 2014 GC 1

Viking hats refer to the beanies that resemble Viking helmets. Crocheting is the commonly used technique for making these hats; but, there is nothing to […]

Cloche Devine Hat Knitting Pattern Images

Knit Cloche Hat Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 0

Cloche hats are beautiful and classy, helping you to achieve a vintage look in minutes. Hand-knit cloche hats are pretty, fluffy and chic, allowing you […]

Hello Kitty Earflap Hat Knitting Pattern Pictures

Hello Kitty Knit Hat Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 0

Hello Kitty, the Japanese cartoon character, has made her way to the world of knitting with Hello Kitty hats, socks and mittens being quite popular […]

Buttoned Beret Hat Knitting Pattern Photo

Knit Beret Hat Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 0

Knit beret hats look quite fashionable both on young men and women. They are perfect for altering one’s appearance, giving them a trendy and fashionable […]

Free Hooded Owl Hat with Earflaps Knitting Pattern Photos

Knit Owl Hat Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 1

Owl hats look adorable on little kids and they are also pretty easy to make. There are countless varieties of patterns to choose from with […]

Baby Panda Beanie Knitting Pattern Picture

Animal Knit Hats Pattern

March 20, 2014 GC 0

Animal shaped hats are very popular among kids while they can also be worn by adults on occasions like fancy dresses and theme parties. Bunny, […]