Rainbow Knit Pics

November 3, 2016 GC 0

Following onĀ  from our spooking halloween knitting post, I felt like I needed to inject a bit of color into proceedings. Here we have a […]

Halloween Knit Pics

November 1, 2016 GC 0

I hope you’re all having or have had an enjoyable halloween period. I’ve seen lots of cool costumes and heard my view share of fireworks […]

knitted tire

Knitted Spare Tire

September 13, 2016 GC 0

For some people knitting isn’t a hobby limited to clothing or indoors. No, this knit nut decided the great outdoors is far more interesting and […]

cat in knitted hat

Funny Knitting Pictures

July 27, 2016 GC 0

Matching ties!   Cat in a knitted hat!   A modern day viking in his stylish knitted hat!   ‘I knit so I don’t kill […]

knitted crocheted beard

Time to Smile

July 16, 2016 GC 0

What a rough week it’s been in the world. I’ve heard of the phrase ‘one of those days’ but at present it really doesn’t seem […]

cat tattoo

Knitting Tattoos Update

June 9, 2016 GC 0

You’ll no doubt be saddened / relieved to know that this is the last in the current series of knitting related tattoo posts. To add […]

retro knit

Even More Knit Tattoos!

May 29, 2016 GC 0

Will the fun ever end you are surely asking yourself because, yes that’s right, it’s part 4 of ourĀ knitting tattoos marathon. It makes a change […]

studio ghibli no face tattoo

Knitting Tattoos (Part 3)

May 20, 2016 GC 1

I’ve been on something of a knitting tattoo frenzy of late, as you can tell from the previous two tattoo knit posts here (and here). […]

Russian Doll

More Knitting Tattoos

May 17, 2016 GC 0

It’s time for another installment of knitting based tattoos (check out the previous knitting tattoos pic post). Who would’ve thought so many knit nuts would […]

knitting needle funny tattoo

Knitting Tattoos

May 15, 2016 GC 2

Some people don’t just draw the line at looking for the latest knitting patterns and making hats, blankets scarves and the like. No, they decide […]