Chunky Star Blanket Knitting Pattern Image

Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern

April 30, 2014 GC 1

Chunky hand-knit blankets are perfect for spending an idle afternoon cuddling in your bed with a great book or maybe knitting another cozy blanket. There […]

Image of Purse Knitting Pattern

Knitted Purse Patterns

April 30, 2014 GC 0

There is nothing new about knitting a fashionable purse or a hand bag at home for expert knitters who are aware of the fact that […]

Images of Knitted Tunic Skirt Pattern Instruction

Knit Skirt Pattern

April 30, 2014 GC 1

Hand-knit skirts are chic and stylish, changing your whole appearance within minutes, getting you ready for a busy day out, whether it is a formal […]

Knitted Poncho Pattern Image

Poncho Knitting Patterns

April 30, 2014 GC 0

Poncho, the triangular light woolen accessory, can make an ideal knitting project for a beginner knitter as it does not require much knitting skills apart […]